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Which Web Design Company?

Which web design company should you choose?

Choosing which web design company you are going to go with is a massive decision to make. When you choose the web design company to create your website you are putting the reputation of your business and the way people perceive you in the hands of someone else. Not to mention handing them your hard earned cash, so you have to be careful.

Different web design companies have different skills, different programs they use and different methods of using them, and it’s certainly not a “one size fits all” when it comes to finding the correct designer-customer combination. We have encountered endless business owners who have taken the wrong decision when choosing a web company, and ended up out of pocket, coming to us to fix a website which isn’t fit for use.

Luckily though there are plenty of success stories too, and to make sure there are more of those, we present you with our list of things that you should always consider when choosing a web design company to separate the good guys from the bad guys.


Do They Have The Right Experience?

Try to find the following to see what their skills are and whether they appear to be positioned correctly to tackle your project

  • Have they done previous work in your industry? or…
  • Can they adapt to different industries?
  • Do they have testimonials from business owners similar to yourself?
  • Are they willing to work with a new or existing industry?


Do They Offer Comprehensive Support?

Many business owners who have a new website designed often get left in the dark about how their new website operates, leaving them to figure it out for themselves. Try to find out about how the company work and what they offer after a website has been made live.

  • Do they offer training after the project is complete?
  • Are they just after money or do they maintain a relationship with their clients?
  • Do they offer marketing and continued support?


Does The Web Design Company Actually Do The Work Themselves?

This may sound like a strange one, but unfortunately its depressingly common. Companies who present themselves as real, highly skilled, hard working web design professionals actually don’t do any work on your project at all, and it’s actually outsourced by them to workers in India, China and other countries far away from you. Why is this important?

  • If your website breaks or you have a query about it you may not be able to get the issue resolved straight away, or at all as the company you employed never actually designed or built the website.
  • If you employ a web design agency that prides of doing their work in house, then you can avoid all of that, and always be sure that if anything goes wrong, they’re just a phone call away.


Have They Got The Skills?

People are often blinded in their judgement by low prices and promises that they choose any so called “web designer” who “works” in their bedroom, rather than an established web design company. There are so many people out there who read/watch a 15 minute tutorial on how to design a website and then suddenly think they can pass themselves off as a web designer. The end result when choosing these people is often an unappealing, buggy and low quality website which leaves an everlasting poor impression of your business to customers. Ways you can prevent this;

  • Have a look at some of their past work, if it all looks tacky, and looks as if they follow the same pattern, then the odds are your website is going to go much the same way as all of the rest
  • Find out how long they have been in the web design business, do they have longevity or are they likely to disappear soon?
  • Test existing sites they have created, for example do they load fast, are they mobile/tablet friendly and do they look professional?

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