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Is Your Website Smartphone Friendly?

With the rate at which modern technology is developing and advancing, it can be easy to take your eye off the ball for a few minutes and then find yourself with out dated versions of pretty much everything you own! Smartphones are at the forefront of these technological enhancements with an increasing number of people using them every day for a range of things, from phonecalls and text messages to applications and even web surfing.

With on-the-go web access becoming the norm these days, businesses and website owners need to take note, whilst many entrepreneurs understand the need for a quality, professional website, 53% of firms have never checked the appearance or functionality of their website on mobile internet. These are worrying statistics in themself, but it gets even worse, of the 47% who have checked their websites mobile compatibility, 41% admit the site has reduced appearance and 36% say the website has reduced functionality, meaning that over a third of business websites are failing to live up to the mobile test.

Having a mobile compatible website can work to the advantage of any sized business, if done correctly. Websites should be optimised so that a potential or existing customer can access the website at any time, on their mobile, and still have full functionality, if someone struggles to get onto your website they may become frustrated and eventually decide to move on.

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