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Ways To Win Those Reluctant Links

During the long process of performing SEO on a website,  there are several hurdles which you have to overcome, some more difficult than others.

Whilst identifying keywords and correcting densities is a large part of SEO which can require many hours staring at your computer screen, the real long job begins when you have to interact with other¬†web masters, other web users, other people. ¬†After all,¬†there’s¬†no point having such a fine website if its not going to¬†receive¬†any traffic, or at least in a position where it can do so.

After keyword density and computer skills have taken you as far as possible, its then time to get your name out there, get those much needed quality links which can be the difference between page 1 and page 2.

Its the big links, the high value link targets, which are going to have the biggest impact and will give you the best results, however, these will be the most difficult ones to gain. These more successful websites have already built up their trusted reputation, they do not need to exchange links, and moreover, they do not want to tarnish their image by linking to a website they do not feel can be trusted or is not useful to their users. So this means you will have to work extra hard to convince these websites that you are very trustworthy, useful and genuine.

One of the most basic pointers of trying to get strong links from successful websites is to forge a relationship, be it business, or social, if you let them know that you are a nice, trusted individual, maybe even have a friendship with them, they are much more likely to link to you, for being both trusted, and as a friendship favour.

You can try to strike up these friendships in many different ways, anything from a casual tweet regarding their website, and a few facebook messages, to face to face meetings and a whole range of other methods, everyone has their own tried and tested way.

Once the relationship has been forged and is solid, the possibilities are endless, whether it be a joint marketing campaign, or simply offering to add some content to their website – guest author spots on blogs are a fantastic way to get sure fire links.

This is barely scratching the surface of different tactics available to try and earn yourself new links and business relations. Some may fail, whilst many may work and revolutionise the success of your website, its all about trial and error.

We understand that some of this may seem quite daunting, but we are here to help, with all your digital marketing, web design and SEO needs and queries.

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