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The UK falling behind in Tech Teaching

IT Industry experts have warned that the UK is at risk of falling behind in the technology world due to poor teaching in schools.

Useful topics such as web design, SEO, programming and security are being completely ignored in IT lessons across the country as Microsoft word and Excel take centre stage, and as I write this, my mind goes back to 4 years ago and being sat in those lessons, being taught how to make a microsoft access database on where people live, and then writing a report on it…oh the joys.

I have learnt more in my seven months at Dijitul than I did in five years of secondary school I.T, so I completely understand where these ‘industry experts’ are coming from. The amount of poor or insecure websites out on the internet is quite staggering, largely due to people not being given correct training, so even when a web design company has come in and built a website, the owners of it are often left high and dry with no experience or knowledge of how to use and update their website, which will then get out of date, stale, and fail on the SERP’s.

Here at Dijitul however, we provide full training to all clients so they can easily update their website whenever they want, and with the content management systems we use, it couldn’t be easier, experience, school training or not.

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