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#TwitterAcademy Webinar

Well the digital marketing team here at Dijitul have just spent the last half an hour or so listening in to a webinar all about Twitter, and how to drive your audience to action through your tweets, and we all thoroughly enjoyed it!

The webinar certainly seemed to be grabbing the minds of the digital marketing community, and even some none “internet folk” who just wanted to learn more about how to push their businesses. In fact, on the latest tweets bar on the side of the webinar we saw everything from freelance SEO’s, to agencies, bakeries and even a burlesque business, showing, if nothing else, no matter what industry it is that you’re in, Twitter and social media marketing is an incredibly powerful marketing tool.

We really enjoyed listening in on the webinar and got plenty of great notes which we are still digesting now. Of course there was plenty in there which we already knew, but there were a few fantastic little bits of information, and fresh ways of looking at things which really changed our perspective. We especially loved the breakdowns of how to construct the perfect tweets for certain scenarios, for example:

  • Question, Solution, Call To Action, Link
  • Tease, Reveal, Reward

We will be sure to point our new apprentice – and any other customers looking for a great Twitter learning experience – in the direction of this webinar in the future, and we cannot wait to watch the next one coming up on the 26th of March 2014. We would love to hear from anyone else who had in a listen in on this and see what their feedback is of it.

Even when you think you know it all, there’s still something you can learn!

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