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Twenty Twenty-four

Wow. Where did that last year go?

It does seem like the older you get, the faster the years go – and whereas they obviously dont go faster: it does always surprise me how soon Xmas and New Years comes round.

The festive period is a unique period of the year where the majority of people have time off together. Some of us use the time to celebrate and visit relatives and friends they dont get to see often, some of us spend the time relaxing, sleeping, eating and generally decompressing from the year.

All in all, it is a time for reflection for the year that has passed, and a time for focusing on the year ahead. Here are three things we are focusing on in 2024, here at dijitul;

Infrastructure: We are migrating our large server over to a brand new system, designed for excellent performance and scalability. This is something we are working on throughout Q1 of 2024.

Team: We will be looking to grow the team slightly in 2024, and bring in more amazing people to help us continue to provide a high quality service to our clients.

Niche: We will be pushing more into our specialist areas in 2024, mainly focusing on the automotive parts world. We’ve worked within this sector for well over a decade, and our solutions have proven to be successful for our current and past automotive clients, we want to help others succeed too!

There will be other improvements and adjustments made in 2024, but these are the three key areas we are looking to focus on.

What are you going to focus on, in 2024?

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