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Social Content, Is It Okay To Repeat Share?

twitter logoAs human beings, we share a lot, some may well say far to much, especially when they’re scrolling through Facebook and Twitter profiles full of instagram links to pictures of food, shoes, and the weather, however, there may be one aspect of life where we are under sharing, and missing out as a result of it.

Thousands, if not millions of bloggers, entrepreneurs and site owners write content for their website every single day and, rightly so, share it with their friends, fans and followers through social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn in the hope that others will enjoy, appreciate and further share the content with others, helping to increase outreach and traffic. However, are we doing this enough? If you’re a site content creator, how many times do you share your newest piece of content on each platform?

The truth is, so many people live in fear from being to “spammy” or are simply to complacent with their efforts to actually share something more than once, and therefore potentially miss out on a significant amount of exposure. Social app creators Buffer have recently carried out a study into this, and have uncovered that repeat sharing of content can actually be incredibly effective. Results of research and experimenting showed that over 3 re-circulation attempts of a piece of content, they got around 75% as many shares/re-tweets as the time before, which overall led to the post getting almost 150% more engagement than they would have having just tweeted it the once.

This is an incredible simple theory considering how much extra reward it can actually give, when you consider the fact that many of your followers may have incredibly busy feeds, and may inadvertently completely miss your post, it’s not spam to multi share, its just common sense! Now, of course there are certain rules to abide by when doing so, for example if you’ve only got a small number of followers, or they’re all local, and have more than likely all clicked through to your post, do not shove it under their noses again and again, there’s a fine line between being useful and being a “broken record” and you don’t want to overstep the mark. However, if you’ve got big groups of followers, spanning multiple time zones, it only makes sense to share it at multiple times through the day/week. If you’re only tweeting when your Australian followers are fast asleep, the likelihood is that they aren’t going to catch much of what you’ve got to say!

If you’re feeling extra creative you could even tweak the content for each re-share, to keep it interesting for those who may have seen the content the first time and passed over it, for example, change the headline – focus on a different point to the original – or maybe post it with an image this time as opposed to just a link. Not only can it then attract more interest, but it will also keep it fresh for those who have seen it once, it may even impress them more!

Overall, with repeat sharing – like with most things – there’s a right way, and a very wrong way to go about it, but if you’re doing it correctly, keeping it fresh, and – of course – sharing quality, then you will be reaping the rewards for this in no time! Plus remember, if you’re ever unsure about anything to do with marketing your company on twitter just give our online marketing team a call today on 01623 650333 and they will be more than happy to help!

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