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Keeping it fresh

As experienced SEO’s who come face to face with different SEO challenges and tasks every day, we appreciate that it can sometimes be hard to get your head around numerous back linksĀ and keyword density figures, and for those who aren’t SEO specialists, it can be very easy to give up.

If keyword densities and back links aren’t your thing, then leave that to us, but even your very own specialist subject can be a fantastic help in trying to get up the SERP’s. If theres one thing that Google loves, its fresh content, if they see a website as being dormant and unused, they will assume that the content may be irrelevant or out of date, and the only place you will be going is down, however if it see’s regular, maybe even daily updates coming in, they will love it and you will be climbing in no time.

Regardless of your industry or specialist subject, theres always something you can write about, its always worth taking half an hour per day to look up some news and write some new content for your website – a blog is always a great tool to have.

If you are sceptical, we have first hand proof that this does work. Last year we did some work for an Alloy Wheel Wax brand known as ‘RimWax’, who sell only 2 products, the wax itself, and microfibre cleaning towels. Now wheel cleaning may not exactly sound like the sort of thing you can sit and write about 3, 4 even 5 times a week, however, through a carefully planned operation of adding a new blog post with a keyword link to the front page every morning, we got fantastic results.

Simply through finding somethingĀ automotiveĀ or cleaning related, and in turn relating it to the keywords, we managed to get them to the top of Google for both ‘Rimwax’ and ‘Rim Wax’, along with 3rd for ‘Alloy Wheel Wax’, and a bunch of other page 1 ranking for key terms. Don’t believe us? Go search for yourself!

The main point of this though, is that this can be used for absolutely anything, no matter what you do, there is always going to be something you can relate, so get writing!

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