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Rising Fuel Prices Impact Business Growth

It seems that every time you look at the news, or infact every time I write on here, there seems to be more gloom regarding money and the economy, be it rising VAT, food prices, or taxes, necessities are simply getting more and more expensive.

The latest in this long line, has been fuel prices, hitting an all time high, with unleaded creeping toward £1.30 per litre and diesel topping that in many cases, each trip to the pumps is having more and more impact on the bank account.

So, this is a cause for concern for small business owners more than most, each drive to a networking event, meeting, or sales task, is costing more, and each pound spent at the pumps, is a pound not spent elsewhere.

Whilst there’s no doubting that the in person meeting is always going to be a fantastic thing to use in business, cost effective alternatives have to be found. Businesses need a way to get their name out, without needing to drive for miles, and the customer needs a way to find their service, without burning fuel, and money.

This opens the door to getting your business online, rather than spending hundreds of pounds on fuel alone, save that money and get a website made. Making yourself available for people to find from their own home or office, and being able to have an online relationship with a customer, will save money for both parties, as well as increasing your own sales overall.

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