Poor Website Means Poor Sales

In a recent study of 1,800 adults throughout the UK, it has emerged that almost half British consumers have decided against spending with a small business after finding their website was of poor quality.

37% of those asked have said they walked away completely, whilst a further 9% said the quality of the website made them spend less. This puts a bad tint on the relatively good news that more businesses than ever have a website and are competing for online exposure.

The main complaint about small business websites was that they looked ‘tired’ and ‘unimpressive’ with 41% of users noting regular spelling mistakes or broken URL’s throughout the website.

These are worrying figures for small businesses in a time of economic struggle, and many could be missing out on thousands of pounds per year, simply due to poor quality websites.

If you are a small business owner, with, or without a website, it is hugely advisable to get yourself an online update, ensuring there is real quality and usability, or as these figures show, you could be turning away many customers

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