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Our New Website

After two theme based websites and an entire company revamp – we’re proud to launch our brand new fully bespoke website to the world today.

Thanks to time saving integrations and streamlined businesses processes, both Olly and myself have been able to work on our business for the last 12 months or so, and have taken the opportunity to completely flip things on their head.

We treated the project in the same way as we would treat a customer project, we divided the work, assigned a project manager and set a deadline for the project. We succeeded in meeting all the deadlines we set, including the LAUNCH DAY deadline which was – you guessed it – today!

Before we put pen to paper, we spent over a month looking at other digital agencies, and carrying out customer interviews to find out what made people choose us, and what would make them use us again. We took the information we gathered, mixed it together with our 20 years commercial experience in digital marketing – added some seasoning, baked on high for 20 mins and the end result was something we couldn’t be more proud of.

We’ve engineered every single part of the website, from the menu, to the “Back to the Top” icon, and every aspect of the site, the hero images, the blog posts and even the contact forms have been planned, designed and developed from the ground up. Nothing has been shoehorned into anything, we have built the website around what we want to say to potential customers.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s far from complete – we have about 10 other pages in draft ready to go live, marketing campaigns to launch alongside it and we have a new blogging strategy that we’re going to do our best to action – so keep checking back to find out what we’ve got to say, and what other services we offer as a complete digital agency.

We would also love to hear your thoughts about our site in the comments below – we will read and reply to every one of them.

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