Opencart eBay & Amazon Integration Modules

One of our areas of specialism, is design and development using the Opencart eCommerce platform. We have used it since the very early days and continue to produce websites based on its codebase.

When dealing with complex variations/options and advanced product configurations, other popular platforms like WooCommerce tend to bog down and start being slow and hard to work with – we find that Opencart is the perfect fit for most retailers and due to its Open source nature – its very easily adaptable to most requirements.

One of the things we get asked for a lot is a link between our clients Opencart stores, and marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. If you sell via multiple channels; managing your stock and general inventory can be a nightmare if you have orders coming in left right and centre – so having it all linked together and getting those marketplace orders to appear in your Opencart website so stock is all kept under control can be an absolute godsend.

We have successfully created links between many of our client stores and the eBay and Amazon platforms, each one being bespoke to the customers needs.

Whether you want a small selection of products syncing, or your entire catalog pushing across – selling on eBay and Amazon has never been so easy.

Get in touch with dijitul today and tell us your exact needs – and we shall tailor a solution that is perfect for your needs, and more importantly: your budget!


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