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New Website & New UK Domain Name


We’ve just launched our new website, and we’ve moved over to a UK domain name (as originally mentioned here) which is both exciting, and quite nerve wracking at the same time.

The new website features the same content as before but it has a much improved design, and more thorough mobile and tablet support as we had identified much of our traffic was from those devices.

Its probably our 8th website in total since we launched the business, that’s almost one website a year! Pretty much every other industry can retain the same website design for a few years, and maybe only commission a company like ourselves to tweak bits and bobs every few years to keep on top of changing design trends. However, as we are the producers of high quality websites and online shops ourselves, we need to keep ours changing a bit quicker than the rest.

Every website we launch is our best one we’ve ever had (ok, we may have dropped a clanger once) and redesigning our own website is also a great training exercise as we can become the customer ourselves and it often leads to us seeing issues with our processes and we’re able to make changes for the benefit of our actual customer projects.

Anyway, please have a browse around and let us know what you think. We’re really proud of it.

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