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Nearly Half Of Net Usage Is Mobile

New statistics have revealed that almost half of UK internet users are going online via their mobile phones.

The information, from the ‘Office For National Statistics’ showed that 45% of people use mobile browsing when out and about, an increase from the 31% who said they do so last year. The biggest increase was amongst young people, with 71% of 16-24 year old’s using mobile browsing, whilst the number of household internet connections also increase by 3%, with 77% of households in the UK now having an internet connection.

This increase is likely down to the continuing of smartphones which can easily browse the web from anywhere, and also the fact that the internet is becoming an increasingly large part of every day life – the 23% without an internet connection may say that they ‘don’t need the internet’ but it really is a big thing!

With these statistics just emphasising the amount of people online, both at home and on their mobile, if you have a business which is not available online, you are potentially missing out on a huge market, and in turn, lots of money!

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