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Getting Links From Your Users

Link building can be one of the most tedious and time consuming parts of SEO, finding relevant, credible places to post your link to, then waiting for a response, can take more time that it is seemingly worth. However, there are more interesting ways in which you can get your links out there, without having to go through the internet with a fine toothed comb yourself.

If your website is community based, or has a loyal base of regular visitors, then they themselves can be one of your biggest SEO tools. Rather than trying to find links (although doing this yourself will still benefit) focus some time on integrating aspects into your website that will encourage others to share links around themselves, posting them on different websites to show others something interesting.

However to get people to do this, you are going to need something of interest which they feel good enough to share with others, this means, primarily, interesting content. Be it an interesting industry story, a humorous description of your weekend, or a breathtaking photograph you snapped on holiday, if its good enough, people will want to share it with others. Also note, controversial discussion or content is likely to generate a large amount of interest and get people talking, whether they post a link to your site saying ‘Great piece, could not agree more’ or ‘Cannot believe they think this!’ it is still a link and attention to your website, which is ultimately what you want. Although do remember, controversy will attract people, offending them will drive them away, so don’t over do it.

Another method of encouraging your users to share a link or two with others is to get them more involved in the website, mention a specific person in a story, have a user written blog every month, or even publish a league table of your most frequent visitors. People like to feel important, so giving their ego a rub and having something related to them on a web page is a sure fire way to get them sharing the link with others, even if it is just for their own self satisfaction.

This is just the beginning of ways in which you can persuade your very own users to perform SEO for you, and it is only one of several component to the SEO process. For more information and tips on this, visit a quality SEO Company and get your website high up the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

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