Hartshorne Goes Back To School

Our Digital growth and business development consultant Olly has officially become an Enterprise Adviser – at his former school.

Olly attended Manor School, now an academy, in Mansfield Woodhouse, near where he grew up. After leaving school, he co-founded a web design agency called dijitul, although the company has now grown into one that can still do websites but also advise on using digital platforms to increase leads and sales.

He said: “Personally, this will be great. I’ll be going back to the school I once attended to help them give young people the skills needed to succeed in business.

“We have some big plans and new ideas to help inspire the kids and improve their learning experience.”

Olly has become an advisor through the Enterprise Advisor Network, which links the world of work with schools and colleges.

Its aim is to make an impact so that every young person in England is prepared for the fast-changing world of work.

Enterprise Advisers are business volunteers who support a local school or college to develop an employer engagement plan that places opportunities with employers at the heart of education.

Olly added: “I’m not your typical businessman in a grey suit with shirt and tie. I’m more likely to be wearing a t shirt, jeans and cycle in to work. And yet we ourselves are building a unique business that is helping companies across the UK to grow and increase revenues by amazing amounts.”


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