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Google Shopping Changes

This year on June the 11th, Google Shopping will completely change the way it exists and operates, undertaking a fully commercial model Рa change that shall effect search results in a wide range of countries from the United Kingdom all the way to Brazil. When Google Shopping does eventually have its remodel, the free product listings we see today will no longer be visible. Google believe this new structure, built on Product Listing Ads, will help retailers of all sizes show their products to the relevant customers all around the world, which will hopefully increase the amount of clicks to their website, and turn most of these internet shoppers into happy customers.

With over a staggering 1 billion products now being listed on Google Shopping which has undergone 300% growth year by year, it’s no wonder that Google have seen a 20% growth in traffic to retailers over the past year.

So, this news begs the question is it time we all start to take part in the success of Google Shopping and expand our companies brand to become a bigger force on the world wide web? In the current world we are in more people and businesses are looking to sell everything from second hand socks all the way to houses on the web and if you currently run or are starting up a new business and aren’t currently selling your products on the web, you could be missing out on thousands of orders for your product, all because you don’t have enough customer reach. eCommerce is such a powerful weapon in any companies arsenal these days that selling online is highly recommended no matter what industry you are in.

For more information regarding these upcoming changes on Google Shopping, or how you can make the most of an online presence for your business, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Dijitul web development and online marketing team today either on 01623 650333, or via our contact form. You can also find us on Twitter @Dijitul.

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