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Google Release Related Search Toolbar

Search engine giant Google have officially released a browser plugin entitled ‘Google Related’ which provides users with results related to what they are already viewing.

Once installed, a bar will appear at the bottom of your screen, and in this bar, pages which are related to  what you are already viewing will appear in there for you to then view. These results include related news stories – which open in a new tab – and images and Youtube videos which can be viewed in a pop up window on the same page, meaning you never have to lose the original piece you were on – pretty handy!

Admittedly I have only spent the last half hour experimenting with this new toolbar, but on first sight, it does seem rather useful, and should they iron out a few of the creases – it doesn’t appear on all websites yet – it could well prove to be a very efficient tool for searchers to have, and also revolutionise SEO and the way people search.

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