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Google Plus, a social network that many just don’t understand.

Gplus-logoGoogle Plus is a social networking site or as Google describe it a “social layer”. Unlike other social media platforms Google Plus features an authorship tool that creates a link between content and it’s author. Google+ was initially launched in June 2011 for testing but was soon suspended due to an overwhelming response for invites. On 20th September 2011 Google+ opened it’s doors and became available to everyone above the age of 13.

Google Plus has grown at a rapid rate and now boasts over 550 million users worldwide, an impressive figure for a platform that most just didn’t get from the start. Users in the USA seem to love it and have made full use of the platform, the UK I still feel has yet to fully engage and realise just how beneficial it can be. I have spoken to hundreds of people about it and most simply say “I just don’t get it.”

I recently spoke with Jason Dexter, a friend of mine and a freelance SEO expert. We regularly discuss SEO issues and share knowledge regarding digital marketing,  Jason commented, “Google+ is a platform that allows content creators and website owners to verify the articles they’ve made, the websites they work on and use that authorship value to pass onto websites they work with. So instead of benefiting a whole domain because of it’s value, regardless of who writes on there, it’s used to give value to each author. If I have a website that has 100 high quality authors, each one working on multiple websites within my industry, I’ll get a huge *boost* from Google. If I’m using low quality writers that write for every industry going, then I’m not going to get the same value. This is Google’s attempt to give benefits to each author.”

That pretty much sums up Google+ and should give you a good enough reason to start using it. We have seen some fantastic results and are now creating more engaging content which is seeing a higher click through rate.

I recently wrote an article called Which SEO Company to give companies a guide on how to find the right company.

This now sits nicely at the number one spot, no link building was carried out, just a good bit of content linked to my Google Plus account, it’s been shared a few times via social media but nothing crazy.

Create good content, leverage this content via Google Plus and you’re onto a winner. What is more likely to be clicked? Plain looking content or content that shows an image of a real person and a face to your business? I know what I would click first.

To find out more about Google Plus or to sign up please visit:

If you would like more advice about the platform please feel free to connect with me or simply give me a call on 01623 650333. My Google Plus profile can be found here:

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