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Getting Value from a Digital Agency


Here at dijitul, we’ve been making bits of the internet for 25 years – and during that time we have worked with many different types of businesses, from huge multi million pound companies with boardrooms and a carpark full of BMW company cars – and then right down to the bedroom businesses run by one person in their spare time.

Obviously working with these different size businesses means our days are varied and you never know what tomorrow will bring – however, we find that no matter the size of the company – a few things remain true across the board.

One of those things, is how to truly get value from a digital agency….

You want to know how its done?

  • Listen to them.
  • Let them do what they are good at.
  • Remember why you are paying them to do the work.

Simple, right?

Yes, it’s simple – but unfortunately many many people in many many businesses we have worked with hire us, and then tell us what to do – and then wonder why things dont go to OUR plan. 

Because they didnt let us follow OUR plan!! 🙂

  • You wouldn’t hire an architect and tell him what to do.
  • You wouldn’t commission an artist and then instruct them how to paint the picture.
  • You wouldn’t hire a solicitor and then tell them how to represent you.

So why hire Web Professionals and then tell them what to do?

So to truly get value from your relationship with a digital agency, first remember they are professionals, secondly, remember they do this for a living – so let them do what they are good at 🙂

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