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Using Fan Sites To Your Advantage

The web is such a big place these days that whatever your business, whether it be mainstream retail, or a small niche product, theres more than likely going to be people out there who like, or want, what you are offering.

With most products, come fans, and with fans, come ‘fan sites’. The internet is full of fan sites – unofficial sites set up by and for people who wish to discuss their love of a certain thing. Music, films, books, cars and hobbies to name just a few are popular with hundreds of sites set up to debate and rave about every aspect of them.

Now, when it comes to SEO, you may see these sites as more of a hindrance than a help, clogging up the SERPS for the search term which you wish to establish yourself for. However, these sites can work greatly to your advantage, they are simply a gold mine full of potential traffic and links.

Once you have found the right places, the possibilites are endless, introduce yourself, join the debates, advertise your website, and bring in those fans.

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