Facebook Application Update List SCAM

We’ve been around the e-Block a few times – what we mean by this is we have seen and witnessed nearly every type of online scam going. So much so we can spot them a mileSCAM away!

I received an email this morning from what appeared to be Facebook – but on closer inspection it turns out it was in fact a scam. There are a few things to look out for when deciding whether or not something is dodgy, here’s what to look out for.

a) Were you expecting the email? Have you added yourself to/joined any “Lists”

b) Is the email mentioned in the email already your facebook email account?

c) Are the links pointing to facebook.com?

There is of course the styling of the email that is questionable too – most emails from Facebook are styled with the facebook logos and the usual facebook blue colours. This email was plain text.

Here’s a screenshot of the offending email;


Upon receipt of this scam email i noticed straight away that the link URL was wrong. Facebook will NEVER send out an email with a link containing an IP address! It would almost always be facebook.com – so if you see that then DELETE IT. I also noticed the email account it was sent from, kingsib@gmail.com – that’s most certainly not a Facebook official email account now is it?!

Another thing that struck me as being strange is that it was referencing an old email account that i hardly use any more. I would never ask for my Maxxd.com email to be added to facebook – so again, this caused the red flags to go up straight away.

It just smelled fishy – and if you ever receive an email like this then either SPAM it, or report it as “Phishing” (Under the little arrow next to Reply in Gmail)

If your still not sure – do some google searching and you should find what you need to put your mind at rest 🙂


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