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eCommerce Spelling Mistakes Cost Millions

A recent report has confirmed exactly what we have known for a while now – spelling mistakes on eCommerce websites can be hugely costly.

Figures from the office for national statistics published last month showed that the UK internet economy is thriving, with sales averaging £527million per month, however it is thought that this could be many millions higher – if people didn’t make spelling mistakes on their websites!

It is thought that a customers average potential spend is halved when they are faced with spelling mistakes, and its hardly surprising, when you’re preparing to enter your bank card details on to the internet for someone to use, you’re more than likely going to be slightly put off by the legitimacy and quality of the company if it says ‘Add To Shoppping Kart’

Remember, when online shopping is done, a large majority of the process is done through the written word and a huge decider on whether or not the customer will follow the deal through with you, depends on what they can see and read, so always be sure to present your website as the highest quality possible – poor websites can lose you endless amounts of cash!

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