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How To Dominate The Digital Industry

The year is 2011, robots aren’t doing the housework and dropping the kids off at school like was once predicted, but life definitely has undergone a sort of – ‘technological revolution’. Marketing and advertising, are evolving from business cards and newspaper ads, to a whole host of online methods.

Here are a few tips on trends you can exploit and how you can maximise your potential in the digital marketing age.

  1. Web Design/SEO – The internet is central to a majority of lives right now, if you’re reading this then you’re on the internet, and all of these tips depend on the internet for them to happen. The internet is built up of websites, so why not get your business as part of this, if you have a website available for people to freely view, you are exposing yourself to millions of potential customers. SEO/Search Engine Optimisation then plays its part, by tweaking your website, you can get very high on Google, and expose your business to even more people!
  2. Google Places – Google Places is the perfect little ‘side dish’ to your main website, or a web presence for those awaiting a full website. It lets you place information about your company, such as name, location, pictures and a description all on a page which people can find by using a location specific search, eg: ‘_____ in Nottingham’.
  3. Youtube – Many people see Youtube as a place to watch music videos, watch a dog riding a bike, and then argue about the video they just watched! but there is much more to it than that, Youtube is actually a form of social media website with a huge fan base. A viral video is the perfect way to get your business name out to many people if it is done well. If you can make a video advertising your company, with a really big, grab your attention moment, people will remember it, and send it to their friends, in turn, spreading your name further.
  4. Facebook/Twitter РFacebook and Twitter have become the social networking giants in recent years, with hundreds of millions of users between them. They can both be quite hit and miss with marketing as many people use them purely for recreational purposes, not to find someone to build them a website or repair their drains. However, with so many people signed up to each, it is definitely something worth trying out, and if you can get the right friends and post the right things, believe us, it does work!
  5. LinkedIn – LinkedIn is a social networking website with a more professional twist. LinkedIn is a fantastic place in which you can promote yourself to other business owners or potential clients, and with 90 million users,¬†there’s¬†plenty to pick from.
  6. QR Codes – QR, or ‘Quick Response’ codes are the perfect modern day way to drive smartphone users to your business website. More and more smartphone users are using the QR code readers on their phones to read codes on everything from websites to, tickets and business cards. QR codes generators can be easily found using Google.

If any of these methods either seem complete gobbledygook, or you are interested in pursuing one of these methods further but feel you need more help, please contact our friendly team on 0845 050 2045.

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