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Digital Advice helps Managing Director land £300k Contract

Olly and Olly have launched the new website for dijitul, ushering in a new chapter for the Mansfield-based company.

What started as a website development outfit, the company now advises clients all over the UK on how best to maximise the use of digital platforms in order to grow their revenues.

dijitul can still produce websites and bespoke software, but the company also acts as a consultancy for companies that need straightforward advice on how to attract more customers, sell more online or save money.

For example, Olly was recently called in to advise a company that wanted to attract and win big business.

After working with the company and reviewing what they were doing, Olly suggested improvements to the company’s website, and the implementation of an online networking campaign aimed at a very specific audience.

The client then followed this up with sales techniques from dijitul and the result is that it has just won a contract in excess of £300,000.

Olly said: “We’re doing things differently now. Digital is everything when it comes to business so of course we can sell you a website, but it might not be what you need.

“You might need to tweak what you’re doing on your website, or it might be that a completely different approach is needed that is bespoke to you.

“It might also be that an eCommerce solution needs to be implemented that links the front-end website with stock control and order management systems. Unlocking these things can then lead to business growth and development.”

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