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When it comes to online shopping there are still a few people who are very distrusting. They believe that they’re going to pay for the item for it to never show up, or to be delivered late and be of very poor quality. Whilst unfortunately there are always going to be scam websites and those that are untrustworthy, as long as you don’t delve to far into unknown, you’re more than likely going to be absolutely fine.

However, people still have their reservations, and as the online retailer, its up to you to make it so that they feel they can use your services with complete peace of mind. These days, along with the product they are searching for, one of the things people are most likely to look for is your past work, proof that you’re up to the job, everything from photography to a web design portfolio to reviews of your service, potential customers are going to be on the look out.

New research has shown that having customer reviews easily accessible for users to see and add to can provide a huge boost to your business. The key figures includes:

  • Average Sales Increase of 18%
  • Almost a Doubling of Average Product Purchase Value
  • Average Visitor Return Rate Rise of 13%
  • Up to £8bn Worth of Extra Retail Sales Overall

With statistics like this, it is very hard to argue against having some form of review system, whether it be a comment box at the bottom of every product, a website testimonials page, or a comment slip with emails/invoices, there is no doubt that featuring reviews on your website, as long as they are generally positive can do a world of good.

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