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Christmas Opening Times & 2022 Recap

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers new and old for their business over the 2022 period. Its been an unusual year with lots of changes here at dijitul.

New Staff

We welcomed new team members to dijitul, our most prominent one being Connah – our WordPress Ninja.

Connah has come from a smaller agency and has hit the ground running here at dijitul. His approach to web development is refreshing and thorough and so far the projects has has worked on have all been successful – fellow team members and customer alike have all benefited from his contributions in 2022 and we look forward to seeing him truly flourish in 2023.

New Office

After much deliberation, we also moved our main office HQ from our Ransom Wood office, to a new location where we have had a custom office built. We are putting the finishing touches to the new office and will do a follow-up blog post about it when its finished.

We have moved many times and hopefully wont be moving again for a while but we are excited to start working from the new location soon!

New Clients

As well as new staff and a new office, we have welcomed many new customers this year to, most notably;

KMP Brand – the world’s leading heavy duty & agricultural machinery parts supplier. We worked with a subsidiary of theirs for a few years now, and due to the success of the development and support work we have provided them, we were given the chance to work with their parent company in 2022 and hopefully into the future.

Energized Customs – we have worked with automotive parts businesses since our inception in 2006, so when we were contacted by Energized who stated they needed help getting a better ROI on their paid advertising, we jumped at the chance to work with them. So far, we’ve helped them get a better CPC and improved the conversion rate for their ads considerably.

Look Doors – over the years we have liaised with Look Doors about doing them a new website and helping them with their digital marketing, well in 2022 they were finally in a position to pull the trigger and after the successful launch of their new website – our relationship continues to flourish.

We have also welcomed many other customers to the dijitul family – and hope to grow our relationships with them all during 2023 and beyond.

Xmas Opening Hours

We will be closing the office doors this year on the 22nd of December and fully reopening on the 2nd of January 2023. Our core team are available over the christmas period for any emergencies and also ensuring all servers remain online and operational.

Once again, thanks to all our customers and friends new and old for their support throughout 2022 – we exist to help you and your businesses thrive in the digital world.

Happy Holidays!

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