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Buy Cheap, Pay Twice…

Do not let an employee or a “friend” build your company website and provide you with your emails.

Read that again, and let it sink in. Tell your friends.

I am continually blown away at how often I am contacted by people that are deep in the doo-doo because they let one of their enthusiastic employees or their mothers-sisters-brothers-mate build them a website and provide their emails for their business – only to find a year or so later, this wonderful person has left the business, vanished off the face of the planet or fallen out with everyone and done a runner.

Then, unsurprisingly, the website is taken offline due to them not paying their hosting bill, your emails stop working and all that fancy sign writing you had done on your fleet of vans or on a big sign on the side of your office now advertises a website and email accounts that no longer work.

  • No invoices you send out actually get to their destination.
  • No enquiries land in your inbox.
  • Your business is essentially cancelled.

And all this because you did not take things seriously enough to employ a time served, reliable digital agency to take care of those things for you.

Here at dijitul, we have been making websites since 1996, we have hosted websites and emails for people for DECADES and we are always available to contact and to provide assitance.

  • We will ensure your website stays online
  • We will ensure your emails always work
  • We will ensure your domain names never expire

Don’t leave something as important as your emails, website and domain name in the hands of an inexperienced person or brand new web company just because it saves you a few quid initially – as I GUARANTEE it will cost you way more in the long run when they leave you in the dirt.

Contact us today and move your website and domains to a company that will look after you and keep it all safe, forever.

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