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Bank Holidays – Things to Remember!

Bank holidays are special days that gift us with the occasional long weekend off and four day working weeks – but there are also things you need to (or should) consider when its a bank holiday, if you are a business owner in the UK (or anywhere in the world, really)

So here are a few of those things, I hope you find them useful;

  1. Opening Hours – Many businesses close on bank holidays, some have shorter hours and some stay open the whole days to capitalise on the fact everyone else is sat at home. Don’t leave your potential customers guessing though – update your opening hours on your Google Business Listing and also post the update on your social media accounts.
  2. Special Offers – Bank holidays present an opportunity to run special offers or incentives to get people through your doors. If you are in retail or food for example, you could do BOGOF offers or % discounts on the day. Many people will venture into town centres or shopping centers on these days, so make the most of the extra footfall!
  3. Payments– Bank holidays are days when the banks close (the clue is in the name) so payments in and out of accounts or scheduled payments will be affected, so make sure you take this into account if you are relying on a payment going in or a supplier/employee is relying on you making a payment.
  4. Advertising – if you run advertising for your business, but you are closed over the bank holidays – be sure to pause your advertising so that you dont end up paying for calls, that you are not able to answer and process.
  5. Phone Lines – If your business relies on incoming calls as your main source of new business, be sure to leave a custom answer phone message to let people know you are closed and encourage them to leave a message or include your email address in the message and ask them to email you.

There are other things to consider when its a bank holiday, but ensuring you action the above five points as a minimum will ensure you are not wasting money and you are keeping your customers (or potential customers) informed of any changes to your operating times and procedures during Bank Holidays.

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Enjoy the four day weekend!

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