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10 Awesome Landing Page Tips to Drive Sales

Landing page tips that will boost your conversion rate.

Creating landing pages can sometimes be a total nightmare, especially if you aren’t sure what to write about. Never though write a landing page just for the sake of ranking highly on Google, as when we humans click to go on to your website, we don’t want to see a page that’s full of spammy keywords and links.  This often happens when you employ a SEO company that does not possess the technical skills that are needed to create an engaging landing page and are just after those “all important rankings”.  Below are my 10 top tips to creating an awesome landing page to help drive sales:

1. Shout about your USP (unique selling point), why should a customer choose you over your competitors? Do you offer free shipping or other incentives, what makes you better than the rest? Using graphics to emphasise your message.

2. Make it readable to humans and not just search engines. Most of you may already know this, but please don’t keyword stuff your landing page otherwise you might as well tell customers to go somewhere else. For example, “we supply a wide array of Nottinghamshire bathtubs, as our bath tubs are the best in Nottinghamshire, so if you want to buy a bath tub in Nottinghamshire…” you get my point, it’s almost like a young child has sat their first English test. It may well (by some stroke of luck) get your ranking for Nottinghamshire bath tubs, but just how many people are going to want to purchase from someone who writes like that?

3. Make it engaging to potential customers – give customers something they can relate to, if your landing page is for, let’s say bath tubs, there is a good chance people will be clicking on to your landing page to find out more or even buy the tub in question, and if they see the page is just about your company and why you are the best, the will go somewhere else, if they want to know about your company they will click on your ‘About Us’ page.

4. Do research. By this I mean, find out if your landing page needs to be full of information about the product you are reading about, or if the customers you are targeting are used to a short and straight to the point kind of page, in other words aren’t really bothered about all the details of the product, and if the product sells itself without needing a huge description, for example Adidas trainers, or other well known branded items which don’t really require a massive “salesy” description.

5. Make sure the layout is easy for the user to follow, this will make it easier on the eye, and make it a more flowing page, which should in turn keep potential clients on your website for longer and hopefully lead to a sale.

6. Ensure your page has a clear call to action related to the product you are trying to sell, for example if you are going to create a landing page just describing the product and its uses then make sure the person on the other end of the internet can easily find out how to purchase a product, for example, “this product can be found here” – you get my point.

7. Use a solution as a headline. If you are lets say, selling a slimming product, your landing page could be to provide a solution to a question right off the bat, for example if you know many of your target audience search for “how to lose weight” your landing page headline could be “Lose weight with ‘insert product name here’ for a new slimmer you”

8. Encourage social sharing of your page. A landing page typically doesn’t always shoot to the top of rankings, meaning you may not get your product seen by many, therefore if you encourage people to share your landing page, this could be a great way for new customers to find you.

9. Shorter contact form. Depending on your target audience, a shorter contact form may be the best way of getting customers to interact with you. Your target audience may feel more comfortable only having to fill out a few fields or, change the way your contact form is laid out, to give the impression that it is shorter.

10. Add testimonials to your page, this way you can show you have trust indicators from other customers, which will then give new customers peace of mind when buying a product from you, for example when I buy something from eBay, one of the first things I look for is the seller feedback, if they have a really poor feedback score I won’t be buying from them, testimonials represent pretty much the same thing.

Now that you know some of our top 10 landing page tips, you will now be able to create an engaging and useful web page for your target audience. If you have any questions or have some top tips of your own then please leave a comment below and we will get back in touch with you. Or you can engage with us on twitter – @Dijitul or on Google Plus+Dijitul.

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  1. I really appreciate your ideas. These ideas are beneficial while building your landing page and provide quality user experience.

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