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Vape & CBD eCommerce Websites from £10 a month!

The CBD and Vape worlds continue to explode as we charge through 2022, as more people start to focus on their health and wellbeing and attempt to live better, and for longer. Health is wealth.

We have worked with both CBD and Vape businesses from the startup phases and beyond, and we continue to speak with people who want to start or expand their business in either space, but simply cannot afford to have a new bespoke website and and/or marketing strategy created and implemented.

Time and time again, people book an initial consultation, only for them to explain to me their backstory and how they have spent every last penny on their brand and their stock, but now;

  • Can’t afford a website
  • Can’t afford to promote the website
  • Can’t take payments
  • Can’t promote themselves via paid/boosted ads
  • Basically, they cant move forward at all.

And due to certain parts of the marketing becoming quite over-populated -some people are throwing away their life savings on stock they cant shift and its putting an end to the self-employed dreams of people all over the world.

On top of that, you have ever changing regulations, random opinion shifts from larger players in the world of payments and paid marketing platforms – which means the solutions that work today are not guarantewed to work tomorrow.

Anyway, enough of that negativity – you are probably reading this as you can resonate with some of the info above – maybe all of it – and you need help finding a solution to your problems.

Thats where dijitul come in….

We have been making websites and providing organic marketing services to businesses since 1996. Many of the skills we gained during those early internet years are now coming back round and are applicable to the CBD and Vape worlds, as well as any other restricted or high risk industries (gambling, etc).

When we started our digital agency journey, there were no social networks, you couldn’t just throw a few £100 at Google Ads and boom – you start selling products. It was a much longer approach, 3 to 6 months before things really started to kick in – but then the results were much longer lasting and generally came along with a slightly better conversion rate.

We have recently partnered with a website-builder service that is brand new to the market, innovative, feature-rich and supports the CBD and Vape Payment Gateway that we promote also.

So rather than spending £5,000 + VAT on a bespoke website (for example) leaving you NOTHING for marketing, you can now get a website from as little as £9.99 + VAT per month and then a small varying one-off setup cost from £50 depending on how much you do yourself. The interface is very easy to use, so its perfect for hands-on CBD and Vape entrepreneurs that dont mind getting stuck in!

Then, as your initial costs are low – you have budget left over to run some SEO for 6 months which should give your website the boost it needs to firmly plant itself into the search rankings.

If you are interested in a website from £10 a month for your CBD or Vape business – then select an option from the dropdown menu at the bottom of the page to get the ball rolling 🙂