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Our Response to COVID-19

Due to the recent developments with COVID-19 and Boris Johnson’s latest briefing, we have issued an advisory note to all staff, which very much follows and echoes that given by the Government and its advisors.

This means all dijitul staff will be remotely working from their homes whilst the country and the world get through this, from the 16th March 2020 until we are advised otherwise.

What does this mean for our customers?

We want to reassure you that all customers need not worry, we will be working on your projects with the same amount of passion and commitment as if we were in the office.

We can still be reached by Trello, Email, and Phone.

Phone: 01623 650333 – Email:

Please contact us if you have any concerns or requests and we will action things as quickly as we can.

What does this mean for YOUR customers?

Its advisable to update your own websites to inform your customers of any changes in opening times, or any special notices that you feel may be beneficial to your existing and future customers during this crisis.

If you need help updating your website, or would like us to add/update info for you, then please reach out to us via the contact details above.

Our very best wishes.