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Local SEO means helping your business to rank for search terms that people in your area are searching for. For example, you may have found dijitul by searching for ‘SEO Mansfield’. However, Local SEO doesn’t just mean “Keyword + Location”, there’s so much more to it. To put it simply, Google will provide results for a query based on users location, settings and preferences – known as personalisation.

A metaphor we can use is if you search barbers/hairdressers Google will serve you local results based on your current location settings – even if you didn’t mention a city in your search term. So, if you’re a business that relies on local customers, can you really survive without Local SEO?

A lot of local companies come to us for Local SEO services because of their visitor numbers being rock bottom and are not ranking on Google for key phrases in their industry locally. If you’re in a similar situation we can help.

Our team of Local SEO experts combine both on-site and off-site techniques in tried, tested and proven methods to get your website to the top of Google’s search results.

By creating a custom digital strategy for your company’s online presence, dijitul can help you outrank your competitors and attract new customers.

Bring your business into a new era with search engine optimisation.

Our Story

Back in 2006, we launched our digital marketing business in Mansfield and built our first website. Our first ever project was to build an online shop for a local alloy wheel retailer and get them to the top of Google. We did that, plus so much more.

Over the last 14 years, we have developed a very unique process that sets us aside from other digital agencies, a process that our clients love and feel works exceptionally well.

Now, dijitul has its own offices, a team of awesome Local SEO experts and works with a number of well-known companies in the UK.

Olly – Director

Our Story


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