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Payment & Merchant Services for selling CBD

With an existing portfolio of CBD oil businesses, our provider has the expertise to power your commerce and drive your business forward.

Even if you are just starting out in business, we can provide you with a simple, secure and flexible service at the right price.

Our team of payment experts take time to get to know your CBD start-up’s business model and provide an intelligent payment system that helps you achieve your goals.

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CBD Payment Gateway & Merchant Services

  • Please ensure this is correct.
  • We only accept applications from UK registered businesses.
  • Mobile numbers are fine, this will more than likely be the primary method used to contact you to discuss your application.
  • Do you already have a website? If so, let us know the address so we can review.
  • Which platform are you using to sell your products?
  • Have you previously had another payment solution in place? Please tell us a little bit about your business and explain the problems you are facing.

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We want to work with individuals and businesses that are serious about making their CBD business a success.

Our rates are circa  2% and once you have started your application our payment solutions partner will let you know the exact rate we can offer you.

Our gateway and CBD merchant services are provided by one of the world’s leading authorities in online payments.

Please note:

We can only accept applications from UK registered businesses.

We CANNOT provide merchant accounts to those selling CBD flowers!

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