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Why Preparing Your Website Content Matters.

26 Oct Tom
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Thinking of having a new website made for your business? It can be a really exciting process when it comes to developing your business online. We’ve had the privilege of working with a wide variety of customers from different industries, but there is always one thing that seems to be a common trend. Website launches are often held up when it comes to populating the site with content. This can be anything from images to forms, to testimonials. The content is pretty much always left till last and often causes delays and issues arise with designs.

If you are thinking of having a new website designed for your business, then here’s a few tips on how to speed up the process, and ensure everything goes smoothly and you hit your desired go live date:

1) Think about what pages you want to include on your website, and get the content written before the design stage.

Having the content to hand, from a designer point of view, is a massive bonus. The website can be designed around the content, and every aspect can be thought about in detail. You don’t get a website that looks like it’s been nicely designed but had content just plonked on to it that doesn’t fit with the design that was signed off. Once the website design has been finalised, it can be built with the final content put straight into it. This saves a massive amount of time and can save you money in the long run.

2) Having some modules you need to source content for? Get this information gathered in plenty of time.

Delays can also occur when the new site is built, and we’re waiting for the finer details. Have a think about if you are wanting to include things like testimonials, case studies, galleries and so on. Having this information sorted sooner rather than later means it can get quickly loaded into the site and help to polish aspects off at an earlier stage.

3) Selling things online? Make sure your product data is good to go ready for when the website is going to be built.

If you are sold a big import of your product data as a part of your website build, find out how this needs to be supplied, and make sure it’s readily available for when your site is going to start to be built. It’s a lot easier from a development point of view if “real life” products are used, with all required options, to ensure things work and display as they should. Using dummy products can often lead to options being missed out, or functionality being wrong. Plus if all your products are ready to go, your website will be ready to sell them sooner!