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Modern customer relationship management (CRM) tools do so much more than track interactions between staff and customers.

With the right CRM software for your company, you can cut down on tasks that drain your time and energy from more important tasks.

A well-made, in-depth custom CRM tool can benefit your entire team:

  • Sales can understand, monitor and improve their sales pipeline and schedule better
  • Marketing will find forecasting simpler and more accurate
  • Customer service can track conversations across every channel and resolve customer issues quickly
  • Supply-chain and procurement can monitor stock levels and manage inter-company relationships better
  • HR can accelerate the recruitment process and quantify employee performance

The result? A streamlined business that’s more profitable and less trouble for you to manage.

The goal of a CRM system is simple: improve business relationships.
Our software solutions can include any features you’d like – there are no limits to what your CRM could do.

We create custom solutions to solve your problems. Our team of in-house developers are techies. Simply put, they love the challenge of figuring out how to solve a problem no one else can figure out. We code everything from the ground up – making sure your issues are addressed and you only pay for software you actually need. Forget having a dashboard full of features you never use!

What Are The Benefits Of Using Customer Relationship Management Software?

  • There are many benefits of investing in a custom CRM system, including:
  • Increase in-house efficiency
  • Distribute the workload between your team
  • Increase your return on investment and monitor profit margins
  • Retain existing customers and onboard new ones
  • Follow the progress and status of new leads
  • Track customer purchases and see entire purchase histories
  • Record all customer communications
  • Generate accurate sales forecasts and pre-empt recurring slumps in sales

Automate your relationship building, spend less time doing admin work and spend more time selling.

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Back in 2002, we started a car enthusiast club and built our first website. Within a few years, we had built a membership base of over 15,000 people, and the site became one of the biggest modified and performance car forums in the UK.

Due to the success of the original website, companies who supplied products to the site’s members started asking us for help with their websites. After a few projects, we realised that our skills were in-demand and took the risk to quit our jobs and dive head first into building our own business together. dijitul was born! Our original goal was to help aftermarket car parts suppliers improve their online presence.

Over 12 years later, dijitul now have a team of software developers and have developed a very unique process that sets us aside from other digital agencies, a process that our clients love and feel works exceptionally well.

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